it would sure be great if ableism weren’t literally so ingrained into our society that 90% of the time when people are insulting a bigot they’ll go for the ableist slurs


Magical Girl She-Ra  By  weremole

Model: Lorena LopezFrom: She-ra: Princess of PowerCharacter: She-Ra


Model: Lorena Lopez
From: She-ra: Princess of Power
Character: She-Ra





Completely not related to anything Otome in general but I wanted to share it with my followers.

This is the opening for an anime called Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin. Which is BY FAR one of the best Seien animes I have ever seen that has made me cry on numerous occasions.

Basically the story is about six prision mates who learn about the bonds of friendship and brotherhood. They try to help eachother escape and gain their lives back with dignity. Resulting in many tragic and happy moments.

I highly reccomend this show to anyone who wants a darker plot of brotherhood between friends.

Though if you have any sort of problems with adultery rape, torture, drug usage, etc. You likely won’t be able to watch this.

Though I will say you are really missing out on something beautiful~ <3

Rainbow Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin: My most cherished anime ever.



[The above picture is a screenshot from the anime]

Seven young men enter a life of solitude, all for different reasons. Being tucked away in one cell brings them close together.
Together the break free of there bars to shoot for their dreams, all the while keeping their friendship strong.

The character stories are amazing and the dreams they strive for are very admirable. The story is captivating and it shows true friendship and strength to rely on one another in hard times, when you need to cope. The seven young men all have different dreams, but they all want the same thing: To get out of the prison, and live their lives free.

The plot is well thought out, and each of the characters goes through his own ‘changes’ while in the prison. Standing up for one another, getting into fights, getting holed up in their cell and almost dying; these are some of the things the boys must face and endure to breech their four walls of their cell and end up outside and in the open again to live normal lives.

[My personal synopsis]

If you’ve never seen this anime, read up on it and then watch it if you want.
It does however hold graphic content and isn’t for the faint of heart. 


I just remember how awesome this anime was… 


if you’ve followed me for any amount of time you probably know i’m a big fan of the anime rainbow nisha rokubou no shichinin

it is highly underrated in my opinion so i decided to do a little test

just for kicks i went through myanimelist to see what shows rainbow is better rated than, despite them being more popular

for reference, Rainbow - Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin is #490 in popularity, and #68 IN QUALITY

just look at this and please check out this show because if this list doesn’t convince you to watch it i don’t know what will

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Assume the blonde guy is an English speaker when Mario is a Japanese.